Wee Whiskys

Wee Whiskys

Niche Cocktails gave one brief to our mixologists, our cocktails in a can must stay true to the drink and taste as if made by your favourite barman, but with our Niche twist. We are proud that they stuck to the brief, the cocktails are great and it has allowed us to be the first UK company producing lowball 150ml cocktails in cans.

We are being respectful to the cocktail and our first two lowballers, The Blood Orange Old Fashioned and Manuka Honey Whiskey Sour, are served in a tumbler and are a strong drink. If we put them in a long can we lose the fact we make cocktails as if made by your favourite barman. We are true to the spirit of the drink.

Bartenders mix many drinks according to traditional recipes and they serve them in specific types of glasses depending on the ingredients. Highball and lowball glasses are two of the most common types of glassware found behind a bar. A highball glass is tall and skinny thus focusing the bubbles of long drinks up and a lowball is short and wide so you can smell the ingredients in the drink.

Lowball cocktails are renowned for their strength in flavour and alcohol, and ours truly honour this. Ours may look adorable in their dinky 150ml cans, but boy do they pack a punch. We are proper strength, 'cocktails for grown ups'.

So meet our Lowballers, made in Suffolk with all natural ingredients and they really do taste as if made by your favourite barman.


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