Paddy's Pink Pleaser

Paddy's Pink Pleaser

Our first limited edition guest mixologist creation launched last week and we are so excited to introduce Patrick Cadell, creator of the Paddy's Pink Pleaser. This cheeky number was his delicious holiday concoction that we have canned up so everyone can have a taste! We had a little chat with him to get the lowdown on how Paddy's Pink Pleaser came about. 


What was the inspiration behind the drink?

I am a big fan of cocktails that have a slightly bitter component as well as some offsetting sweetness which means it can be drunk all day. I had discovered the hard way that it's a little dangerous to drink Negronis all day so I was looking to create an alternative bittersweet cocktail to enjoy in the sunshine. Grapefruit juice is the perfect base given the bitter/tart element and of course because it is one of your five a day! The aim was to create a refreshing but not overly sweet cocktail that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time. There was also an ulterior motive of getting my brother Alec drunk enough to beat him at chess and I found that whilst Paddy's Pink Pleaser packs a punch it is very drinkable and so would serve that aim well.


Where were you when you first made it and who were you with?

It was dreamed up in 2017 on a beach in Antigua. We were on a big family holiday and given my inability to do anything else useful or practical around the house I was tasked with shopping for alcohol and making drinks! The outcome after a bit of trial and error was PPP! The ideal drink to sip watching the sunset but also goes down very easily at brunch. Since then I have been making it around the world and it works just as well at a festival in the UK as on a Caribbean beach.


How did you come up with the name Paddy’s Pink Pleaser?

Fresh grapefruit gives it a vibrant pink shade and it immediately went down well, bringing immense pleasure to anyone who had a sip! As a result Paddy's Pink Pleaser seemed the only possible name, the slight innuendo and alliteration obviously helped as well as the vanity to try and get my name in there! Three years in, PPP is yet to disappoint and continues to please anyone who can get their hands on it.


And a little bit about you?

I grew up in Framlingham, Suffolk, now a fund manager by day, mixologist & quizmaster by night.


Paddy's Pink Pleasers are available to order here and through our Build-a-Box page if you want to mix them up with some other flavours too. Cheers!


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