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Premium ready-to-drink cocktails for hospitality, events & retail

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We're proud to supply our premium cocktails to hotels, restaurants, pubs, entertainment venues, cafes, farm shops and leading independent retailers all over the UK.

Niche in a nutshell

  • Eliminate queuing customers with our quick serving solution
  • Minimal staff training needed for excellent & consistent serves
  • Convenient & easy to store with long shelf lives
  • Fully recyclable packaging

A consistent, bar-quality cocktail in just 30 seconds or less

Serving cocktails in a drinking establishment either required a large investment in spirits and time – both training and serving – or a compromise in quality. We set to right these problems and offer something different. A range of premium strength canned cocktails, packed full of flavour, with no artificial ingredients which could be served in under 30 seconds.


Pubs, Bars & Restaurants

Offering a bar-standard cocktail in just 30 seconds, our cocktails are a natural choice for bars, pubs and restaurants wanting to offer their customers something a little different.

cocktails for wedding venues

Wedding Venues

Our Gin Fizzes make the perfect arrival drink, and our cans offer a perfect portion as wedding favours. For a showstopping moment, why not create a sensational centerpiece with a Niche Cocktail tower?

Entertainment Venues

Our drinks are ideal for entertainment venues such as theatres, cinemas, music venues, sports venues and comedy clubs to name a few. Leave the mixology to us whilst you focus on entertaining your patrons.

Hotels & Accommodation

Whether you're a 5* hotel looking for a premium addition to your in-room mini bars, or seeking the perfect arrival treat for your glamping guests - Niche Cocktails are sure to delight your guests.

Private parties & events

Nothing gets the party started like a cocktail, but mixing 100 cocktails for a party is no small feat! With our expertly crafted drinks, we do the hard work for you - meaning your staff can focus on delivering your guests a fantastic experience. 


From small independents, to large department stores, our creative and colourful packaging makes an impact on any shop shelf. We love to work with you to recommend a range that suits your customer demographic and generates you a healthy return on sales.


We believe our drinks can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere, and deliberately designed our packaging to be glass-free and easy to store. You can bring the art of mixology to any train, plane or ship. 

Spas, salons & wellness

A cocktail list is a sure way to add a VIP touch when pampering your guests, and a great way to stand out from your competitors. Stocking our drinks is a fantastic way to add additional value to the services you offer.

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