Passion for a Daiquiri

Passion for a Daiquiri

Niche Cocktails Passionfruit DaiquiriA big part of the DNA of our wonderful cocktail business is the fact we are Niche (hence the name) and Niche means everything we do is with our twist. We are blessed to have Bob Scott, who in his retirement spent many happy years in Spain, travelled around Europe and fell in love with spirits, ingredients and mixology. Speed forward back to England and Bob made a living making cocktails at people’s parties and spicing up the evening with is own twist. Bob was definitely Niche.

Our newly launched Passion Fruit Daiquiri is a prime example of this, its our salad and chips, (now there’s a future blog title), a satisfying hit of alcohol with the healthy twist of passion fruit. And Passion Fruit is healthy...

With a disclaimer that we are not nutritionists, Passion Fruit is known for the following:

  • The seeds and pulp are rich in fibre, which is great for the digestive system
  • Excellent weight loss helper
  • Helps reduce high levels of cholesterol
  • Helps ease depression and other elevated states of the nervous system

Mix this with a healthy dose of rum and it’s your perfectly balanced drink.

Passionfruit cut in half

The Cubans adore a daiquiri and you will often find it mixed with the fruits of South and Central America. And let’s face it, with Cuba being the birth place of The Daiquiri, they will only add the best to it.

The Daiquiri Cocktail, made with Cuban rum, sugar and lime, is one of the three main rum cocktails beloved by the world over & one of the synonymous drinks that most people around the world know as a 'cocktail' in the modern era.

It is difficult to know for certain the circumstances surrounding the birth of the Daiquiri Cocktail. However, many agree on its creator, Jennings Stockton Cox & its birthplace, the iron mines of Daiquiri in Cuba. The American engineer, who came to Daiquiri following the American-Spanish war of 1898, established a Bacardi ration for the workers in the iron mines. Later, using ingredients available to him, he experimented with different blends to finally produce a Daiquiri.

There is another interesting version (don’t forget at Niche Cocktails we like a twist), which comes from Jennings Cox’s granddaughter. She remembers the cocktail being served when Cox received American guests. He had no more gin & did not want to offer a dry rum, so he made a cocktail with ingredients he had. So the story goes...

Whatever its origins, Jennings Cox recorded the recipe in his logbook and at Niche Cocktails, we have made sure that it tastes as good as the original, with our Passion Fruit Twist.

The question is what is your Niche, and which version do you believe…




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