Keen for a Cosmo

Keen for a Cosmo

We know it’s been a while since our last new release, the mouthwatering Brazilian Lime Margarita. And this winter lockdown has got us feeling a little blue. So, what better antidote to these long evenings, than a bright, fruity favourite with a twist. Introducing our most recent creation…


Made with a beautiful blend of Scottish raspberries, premium vodka, juicy cranberries and a hint of orange. We can’t think of a better evening spent than with your feet up, Netflix on and a Cosmo in hand.


For those who like a little story with their tipple: The original "Cosmopolitan" was invented in 1975 when a bartender from Minneapolis added a splash of cranberry juice to a "Kamikaze" cocktail. As he presented it to the customer he famously said "How Cosmopolitan". This event supposedly led to the naming of the new beverage. Today, the Cosmopolitan remains a popular choice in bars across the globe. 


So we all know Carrie Bradshaw’s keen for a Cosmo, but are you?


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