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Where to find your Niche

Imagine visiting your favourite restaurant or bar and being met with a cocktail menu which delivers exactly what is says on the tin. Even better, when your cocktail is served consistently perfect and super-fast, every time. Your imaging days are over friend!


By now you’ve probably heard of Ready to Drink Cocktails…did you know these are now available in your local haunt?

Niche is something different from the ready-to-drink options you might usually see on the supermarket shelf which is why you can expect to see our cans in a hospitality setting. Our drinks are made to proper cocktail strength & using natural ingredients, so we guarantee a mixologist grade experience every time one of our canned drinks is snapped open.

More and more pubs, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues are ditching the cocktail shaker and turning to quality Pre-mixed Cocktails to ensure they can serve up the best cocktail experience in minimal time. What’s not to love?

Have we got your tastebuds buzzing? Here’s where to seek out your next Niche…


Our top 10 places to Find You Niche

Here are some of our favourite spots to enjoy sipping a Niche Cocktail:


  1. The Waffle House, Norwich
  2. The Drill, Lincoln
  3. Taro, Walthamstow
  4. 1975, Woodbridge
  5. The Regal Cinema & Theatre, Stowmarket
  6. Loaded, Southwold
  7. The Star, Lidgate
  8. The Sycamore, Lincoln
  9. The Boathouse, Ormesby
  10. Yane, Manchester


And if you’re looking to give the gift of the perfect cocktail, find our cans and gift packs here:


  1. Suffolk Food Hall, Wherstead
  2. The Little Green Platter Company, Wigan
  3. Framlingham Wine Shop, Framlingham
  4. Snape Maltings, Snape
  5. Friday Street Farm Shop, Saxmundham
  6. Huttons, Earl Soham
  7. The Market Gate Deli, Market Deeping
  8. Sir Toby’s, Norwich Market
  9. Jimmy’s Farm, Wherstead
  10. Chatsworth Estate Farm Shop, Bakewell

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