Sip & Crunch

Sip & Crunch

Following on from our post about our first food partners, Pump Street Chocolate, we next wanted to introduce you to our favourite crisps, Savoursmiths! 

Again, an East Anglian connection with them based in Cambridge, we like to work with local companies wherever we can. As soon as we saw their eye-catching designs and intriguing characters, we just knew we had to offer something together. 

'In September 2016 we came together to create something rather special – Savoursmiths Luxury Potato Crisps. Cut from potatoes grown on our family farm in Cambridgeshire, we have created a better breed of crisps, with exceptionally indulgent and flamboyant flavours, and leaving the skin on to increase the nutritional value.

Although crisping potatoes is rooted to established and traditional techniques, our crisps are modern, intuitive and fearless, with a confidence born out of both knowledge and use of the best high quality ingredients from around the world.

Our brand was founded in 2016.  Mike was raised on Russell Smith Farms and he has a natural love for English farming and the English countryside, later studying Agriculture at Cirencester. Food and farming has always been Mike’s passion and he has now moved back to the family farm taking the business in a modern direction and co-founding the Savoursmiths brand, which uses the farm’s incredible potatoes as well as luxurious international ingredients.

Colette was born in the food and wine region of South Africa and has always been a passionate foodie. Colette is a globetrotting model with a love of the British countryside. She is co-founder of the SAVOURSMITHS brand, combining quality home-grown produce with big global flavours in stylish packaging for a totally new take on a traditional snack.'

Their use of different flavours is what really sold Savoursmiths to us. Truffle & Rosemary, Wagyu Beef & Honey Mustard, Bubbly & Serrano Chilli.... the list goes on! And we keep crunching on....
Take a visit to the Savoursmiths site here to read more about them. 

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